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Daily Nov 29

It's almost December. Only 3 weeks of school until Christmas break! YIKES!!!! I seriously don't know where this year went!

We took the kids to a place down south to see Christmas lights this past weekend. It was really cool and they loved it! It was nice to get away, even if it was just for a night! Smile Now I'm just trying to organize Christmas parties for Connor & Alyssa's classes. The school is killing me this year though. We usually stagger parties so you can attend all of them, but they changed it up this year. Connor & Alyssa's are at the SAME TIME!! This room mom can't split herself in 2! I think Alyssa's class is going to have to go without me since Connor has a performance. ugh. I have a feeling there are going to be a lot of complaints! They did K, 2, & 4th together and 1, 3, & 5th together. The majority of kids are split by 2 years in families I know, so this is stupid!

Oh well. Gotta get myself moving!

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Well that sucks Brandi. Do they not think things through before they plan it? Glad you had fun seeing the Christmas lights. I love Christmas and can't believe it's coming so soon!

I just planned 2 big family Christmas parties at my house on the same weekend. One on the 10th and one on the 11th. Hope I don't regret this! lol. Luckily, I just happen to have the Monday off so I can recover.

Not much else going on today. I'm going to a big conference tonight and Savannah is sad that I won't be home to tuck her in. Makes me feel bad for leaving but I am hardly ever gone at bedtime.