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Daily Nov. 8

I'm pouting right now. I know 3 people at Disney, and I can't go on Scott's company trip to the Dominican Republic because of Alyssa's dance convention. The convention that's 2 hours away, and going to cost me $400. I'm not a happy camper right now.

I'm slowly getting all of my Christmas stuff up. I figure why not put it up since I just took all of the Halloween down and would have to take apart the regular stuff again in 3 weeks anyway. This way I can take my time decorating! Otherwise, getting ready for a Thirty-One party on Thursday, and a vendor event this weekend. I'm hoping to sell a LOT! Smile

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((HUGS)) Brandi - that's a tough one to swallow! That's a lot of money to shell out!

Busy day here today. WEnt to the Y this morning and got my workout program - i'm going to be sore tomorrow and I didn't even do all the reps! She kept putting my weights higher and higher! Then went out with my mom for lunch and yet more Xmas shopping! These kids are going to be spoiled this year!

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HOpe you can make lots of sales, Brandi!
Melissa, I hope it's a good kind of sore.
My dad's fever is over and the infectious diseases doc says they can stop the antibiotics. Whew! Today's CT scan shows the blood pooling in his brain is smaller, and he was less drowsy today than in days past. Bad news is that my parents' house is not going to be easily renovated to become handicap-accessible. My mom is thinking of renting a house that is accessible until Dad reaches a point at which they are sure of his mobility limits. She decided today that she and I are going to have to cancel our 2.5wk trip to Ireland in May (I'm helping her cross a few things off her bucket list--aren't I sweet), which is a little sad for both of us, but we will have some other kind of getaway, closer to home, when the time comes.