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This morning wasn't pretty ladies! 2 weeks of sleeping in, now back to school! Yikes! Now it's catch up week for me. Lots of phone calls to make, gotta take my car in for an oil change, and I have to get my Halloween decor out!

We didn't do much this weekend. Got the kid's stuff in the finished room in the basement. We want to add an entertainment center and put the Wii down there, but haven't decided exactly what we want yet. I also got a lot of toys sorted out so we can get rid of a lot.

Rainy today (yay...we need it!), so who knows how much I will get done. Maybe a nap is in order! LOL!

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It must have been SO hard waking up this morning Brandi! Have fun napping, I am so jealous. Do we get to see cruise pics soon?

It's my birthday today. I should have taken the day off. It would have been so much better to do nothing today. I have 3 kids this morning and then another 2 come this afternoon. Not sure if DH planned anything for tonight. As long as I don't have to cook dinner I don't even care. lol. We went out for dinner last night with some friends and had a good time!

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Brandi, good luck getting back to reality! I'm jealous of your finished basement.
Sam, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope DH has something fun planned for you. Love your family pic.

Our alarms went unheeded this a.m., so we each had to drive a kid to school rather than just put them on the buses at the corner. I'm prepping my classes from home today and procrastinating grocery shopping. Have to help N's Lego League team tonight then going with a friend to Philly for an Alabama Shakes concert. YAY!

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Thanks ML for the birthday wishes and the compliment! That's my new favourite family photo!
It's always a crazy start to the morning when alarms don't go off. Hope the rest of your day isn't too crazy!

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Happy Belated Samantha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!