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daily oct 11

We had such a great long weekend. It was in the 80s the entire time and just gorgeous. Saturday we went to NH and tagged our Christmas tree then went down the street to a farm that was having a harvest fest. They had all kinds of food and we did apple picking. They had 11 varieties of apples to pick! BOught some awesome bread and the dogs were having a blast too. They were off leash when we picking out our tree. They loved it.

Sunday we spent the day at my parents' and had a BBQ then Monday the kids went to the movies with my brother, JOhn went golfing and me and mom went for coffee at the bookstore then out to dinner. Nice weekend.

So today is back to work but I only have 26 days till vacation so I can make it. But AF is due today and she might not agree with me. She's been making me fiesty. I just put something out in the trash that JOhn has been promising he would put out there but never does. He's a pack rat. I just lost it and dragged the thing out there myself. Nearly gave myself a hernia doing it but I was possessed for a minute. Let's see how long it takes him to notice. And what he says when he does. We get along too well these days. We need to mix it up.

Ok work is coming.

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LOL Sam! He probably won't even notice it's gone! I've told Scott to go through his closet and get rid of some clothes he doesn't wear anymore. He pulls out 3. I go in and pull 15...he never notices they're gone! Smile I'm so jealous of your trip. Tyler's teacher leaves Saturday! Sad

I had a major awakening last week. Someone that I thought was a really good friend was stabbing me in the back...for a long time! It's a long story about how it all came out, but basically she was telling people things I was "saying" about others and telling people how jealous I was that she was friends with them. First, I'm not a jealous person (except when people are going to see Mickey and I'm not). Second, she's telling people that I HATE their kid for whatever reason. I don't not HATE any kid! I get irritated at parents for things, but I never blame the kid. Also, a lot of the things I was irritated about were because of LIES she was telling ME! Ugh. I feel like an *** because a lot of people think things about me that are not true. I've ironed things out with a couple people, only because they were involved in the initial fall-out (and don't speak to her anymore either), but the extent of what all she said to who is still unknown. I guess a lot of people are talking and figuring it all out, so I've been told not to worry on my end, but I still feel horrible. VERY stressful!

ANYWHO, I've been pretty drained lately, but I'm going to try and get some things done around here today.

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Glad you had such a good weekend Sam! Don't let AF ruin your good mood (I know easier said than done LOL)
That really is awful Brandi! ((HUGS))

Not much going on here. I'm glad the long weekend is over and everyone is back to school and relatively healthy LOL.

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Hahaha Sam. You're so funny. Guess what just died in my house the other day? The digital thermometer I brought home with me from your house. I loved that thing and was so excited to get it! Smile
Oh Brandi. Sad Why are some adults so childish sometimes?
I hope you had a nice, long weekend Melissa.

Hi all! Not too much here. Just working today and working with Dimitri tonight on his first Boy Scout badge. Marshall took him to his first meeting last week and he seems to like it. Hopefully we don't get in over our heads. I also hate being over committed. Have a good day everyone!