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daily oct 31st

Happy Halloweenie you pretty weenies! Have fun tonight!

Living on the North Shore does have its advantages sometimes. Something about the waters being warm made the storm for us mostly rain. We got about 2 inches of snow and its almost melted. It will be gone for tonight. The western part of our state got slammed apprently and schools are closed there. So we barely saw much but wind rain and period of snow. We did lose a big part of a tree at the front of our street but that was it.

Tonight John is working so my sister is taking the kids to my parents' house to T or T. I will stay home, clean and pass out candy. Cleaning is soooooo needed!! I cant leave Sunday with the house like this. This week is about cleaning. Oh and running around like crazy to get to all the appts I scheduled. Why would I do that to myself!?

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Glad you didn't get too hard Sam! Woohoo for only 6 days left!!

Drove the kids to school cause Amber didn't want to carry her costume on the bus. Then came home and did a work out and now about to clean. Need to run out and buy some candy at some point today as well. T or T with the neighbours tonight while P hands out candy. Not sure if i'm going to be able to get Jakey's costume on him even :roll: He hates putting it on!

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Glad you didn't get hit to hard Sam! Can't believe you only have 6 days left!! That is so awesome! I have 13 days left to go and I want to start packing, I need this vacation! I'm sure you do too!

Good luck getting Jakey's costume on Melissa! Have fun tonight!

The kids are so excited for Halloween tonight! I have lots of cleaning to do. I didn't feel like cleaning up after the party yesterday and Saturday so I get to do it today. Yay.

Have a good day everyone Smile