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daily oct 5th

Well we didn't float away yesterday in the flash flooding. It was freaky though. Everything was under water. And it was FAST. We knew it was going rain but not 5 inches in 2 hours. No warnings at all.

Today is my busy day. I keep looking at my vacation timer.

This weekend we are getting into the 80s so we are going to tag our x-mas tree at the farm. Hershey's first time! Hope she isn't scared of the tractor. Poor thing hates loud noises.

So I am off to work.

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Nothing like getting an insane amount of rain in little time! That's what happened here last year. Not fun. Sad

I saw Wicked last night...AMAZING!!! Awesome story! I wish I would have seeen it earlier because I probably would have seen it again. It's only here through this weekend. I found out Annie is going to be here in January...can you say mommy/daughter date?! Smile

Connor is home sick...again! We're not sure what it is. Dr thought Fifth Disease, but it's not looking that way today. Who knows! I think he and I are going to get some cleaning done and Halloween decor up today. Yes, he likes to clean! Smile

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Hope Connor's illness clears up quickly Brandi!
Wow your vacation is coming up fast Sam!

Not much going on here today at all! Went for our walk after getting the kids on the bus and going to do Zumba DVD later. Oh and some cleaning as always Smile The kids bus time changes tomorrow - it leaves 10 minutes earlier :shock: I have no idea how we are ever going to make it out of the house earlier!

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Yikes Sam! Glad you didn't float away. Hope your busy day flies by. I'm eyeing my ticker too! I can't wait!
Lucky you Brandi! That will be so fun to go see Annie too! I hope it comes out this way. Hope Connor feels better soon.
Good luck tomorrow with the bus time change Melissa!

Fairly quiet morning. Just two kids and one is napping right now. I think I'll take them out for a bike ride in an hour. I ate so well yesterday and then DH came home with a bag of chips and a PEP chocolate for me. Couldn't resist. So I told him not to do that again!
Going to a school council meeting tonight!

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Yikes Sam! That sounds scary. So, so glad you are okay.
I have always wanted to see Wicked, Brandi. I'm glad you enjoyed it! And Annie is one of my favorites.
I hope the bus schedule change doesn't throw off your routine too much Melissa. 10 minutes is a big deal in the early morning!
It's hard to eat well when your husband brings you treats Samantha. My dh does the same. lol!!

Hi all! Long time, no post. I hope you all are well. Work is crazy busy for me so I haven't had much time to log on and post. We also are dealing with sick kiddos this week so that's not fun. Working mom guilt for sure. Sad Boo.