Daily October 16th

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Daily October 16th

SOphia did come home a bit early yesterday but she made it through all but 2 classes. She still isn't feeling herself so I bet we change meds tomorrow. Brandi is right though. Do it now before the trip.

I am ready for a vacation. They last week I had off from work was a year ago. One week a year isn't enough and I have decided to go up to 2. In a few months I will notify the families. I haven't raised rates in years so I feel like adding a week of vacation is acceptable considering it's cheaper for them then if I did raise rates. I just need more than one week a year off.

My first client is in DIsney right now! Kelli left yesterday and I hope she is having a great time! I hope she likes the room I recommended. She got a Royal Guestroom and they are all new. I hope it's as good as I saw.

Nana is coming over so no cooking for me. I have to do her laundry so dinner is my reward.:D

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I was just thinking about your first client being there! BTW, I finally sent a "request" over today! I haven't been home much at all, so i haven't done it!

Getting ready to go to conferences. The only question I have is about Connor and English. They just don't get along! He needs a little extra help. Alyssa brought home a referral for the gifted program based on her standardized test scores. She tested last year, but just missed out. I don't think she can test again until next year,but we'll see. Talking to one of the teachers, she may get an exception since last year she was tested on a teacher referral and this year it's because of testing. I get to see the scores today so that should tell me what's up! Otherwise, I know they're all doing well sine I get constant updates being at school as much as I am! Smile