Daily Sept 14th

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Daily Sept 14th

We have had some excitement. An episode of bullying BY 2 OF LUKE'S FRIENDS. I couldn't believe. One held him down while the other hit him with sticks. It was all I could do not to scream and shake those boys. But I left it to the moms and one I did punish but the other blamed it on the first kid. Not happy. Luke did great though. Faced them. The worst part was these were his buddies. They wanted to wrestle and when he said no they beat him up. I told both boys bullying is serious and if there are any other issues I will go to the school. This happened off school property but I will notify them if ANYTHING happens again. That scared one of them to death.

Daddy made it better last night though. He went to a Sox Yankees game last night. They had fancy seats behind home plate and John caught a ball hit by a Sox. Luke was beside himself this morning when John gave it to him. It's all scuffed up and dirty so that made it even better I guess. My mom is going to have a plaque made for it.

Other than that not much else going on. Might do a corn maze this weekend. Probably Sunday since the weather is going to awesome. Hope we don't get lost it in it. I will bring snacks just in case. LOL!

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OMG Sam! That is horrible! Good for Luke for facing them though! And YAY for John catching the ball Smile I'm sure that did make it all better!!

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Sam, that is really, really awful. Poor Luke. Sad I hope he's feeling better today. *hugs*