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& daily sept. 25 &

Happy Birthday Sam!!! :). Miss you!

Getting some things done around here! Had a good coupon for Carter's, so busted out some fall clothes shopping for the boys. We're still in the 80s during the day, but it's in the 50s/60s in the morning, so I know we'll be cold soon! Have to get the toys in the basement organized. Their room is finished and the carpet is coming tomorrow so they'll finally have a space of their own again!! I also want to move it out of the way so I can get my Halloween decor out! Otherwise, tumble for Alyssa today and I think we'll go get some mums to plant. I love fall...just hate what comes after! Smile

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Happy Birthday Sam!
I love fall too Brandi! Have a great day today Smile

My baby girl is 5 today! Ahhhh! Where did the time go? Happy Birthday to my sweet girl, Savannah.

Busy morning and then I'll ship the kids off to school and put the other two to bed. Then I'll be making Savannah's birthday dinner and her cake. We're having the family over tonight.

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Happy Birthday Sam! ((hugs))
Brandi, we're enjoying the weather too. Bought some container mums yesterday but it's still too warm to break out the kids' clothes from last year -- in fact Ben refuses to wear long sleeves in the morning because he'll be too hot at recess. Has a high cold tolerance too! Brr!
Happy Birthday to Savannah! Enjoy the family time, Samantha. Smile

Not much going on here. Just working today. Probably will try to do some gardening this afternoon. Have some lilies that need to be divided and rearranged, some shrub suckers that need to be pulled up and replanted somewhere else too. Not doing much with the garden otherwise until I see what comes up in the spring. I missed gardening more than I thought I would!

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Happy Birthday Sam!!!!!!!!!! Hope your enjoying your day hun!
Happy Birthday to Savannah as well!!!!
Christa - I want to see pics of your new house!!!!
Brandi - sounds like a busy day!

Jacob had speech this morning and i'm just cleaning now and about to start doing some work after everyone is fed lunch. That's about it from here. I feel like baking but its probably a good thing that I don't have the time today Wink

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Oh and ML how did Nicky's IEP meeting go?? I read yesterdays thread and saw that you had a meeting. I just got paperwork from Ry's school to get the ball rolling to get him one. I'm happy about that as I'm not crazy about his teacher and her ability to really "get" him LOL. So hopefully with an IEP in place, he'll get the help he needs. Plus his class has 27 kids in it this year - isn't that insane???

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Thanks ladies. We had a nice cookout on Sunday with a beautiful Mickey cake that John had made. He got lemon Raspberry and it was awesome! Then last night mom and I went shopping at the Loft with a gift card. It was fun and I got lots of nice stuff!