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daily Sept 7th

Just had our 19th wedding anniversary on the 5th. Didn't do anything because it was a Wednesday and who does stuff on Wednesday? This weekend we will go out to dinner.

My washer wont be fixed for at least 2 more weeks. A part came damaged and is now backordered because WHilrpool cant keep up with all the crappy washers they built so they ran out of parts. I had to go to my parents last night to do a load. Sigh. I don't like Whirlpool right now.

OK when is my vacation coming? One week a year just isn't enough. I really need to consider adding a week.

I am sorry. I am tired and crabby and I really really think I am deserving of a vacation and I am PMSing (I think but who knows anymore).

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Happy Anniversary Sam! Sorry about your washed. That is so dumb. Whirlpool should compensate you because of all the trouble they are causing you. You deserve way more than 1 week vacation every year!

Just trying to make it through the day. This week has wiped me out! I can't wait until next week when I have 3 afternoons that I will have 2 hours of peace and quiet with just sleeping babies to worry about. I. can't. wait.

I hope my kids sleep in tomorrow morning because that's what I plan on doing Smile

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Happy Anniversary Sam!!!!!!!!That really sucks about your washer Sam!
Hope your kids sleep in Samantha!

Not much going on here - busy though! I'm having a hard time with Jacob starting school on Monday! He's just a baby Sad Though having one kid only a couple days of week does sound appealing (once I get over the saddness of my baby being in school LOL)

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Happy Anniversary, Sam! I hope you and John had a nice weekend in spite of the washer. ((hugs))
Samantha, I hope you had the relaxing weekend you were craving too!
Melissa, we have nooooo issues with both kids being in school full time. Just think ahead to summer vacation next year... LOL! Wink

Well I worked most of the weekend (promised a project to my boss a few weeks ago, got waylaid by another unexpected project after) but I did find time to do some landscaping maintenance and also to spend an hour with our new neighbors. Islands of relaxation!