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daily thread 16th

I am sooo tired. This cold is not bad but it's making me exhausted. I just want to sleep.

Tonight Sophia is helping to lead the services at the Temple. She is doing a few prayers to help her feel comfortable for her big day. She is even sitting at the front which will be so cute.

Did I mention that I am tired. At least I dont have any little babies today. They are all the older kids. I should only have 1 but I have 4. Still easier than having the little ones.

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Hope you get lots of rest this weekend Sam! Hope Sophia has fun tonight! Is she nervous?

Brandi, good call on the gall bladder! How long does he have to wait before getting it out?

The lasagna roll-ups went over better than I thought. I thought they were great! Everyone ate them but Dylan. He still ate it but he didn't want to. I think I'll chopped up the spinach a little better next time.

I'm going on a date tonight with my husband and our friends! I'm so excited! We're leaving here at 5pm and going to a nice steak house for dinner and then we're going to see West Side Story!
Also excited for the weekend, it's gong to be gorgeous all weekend! Yay!

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Take a nap when everyone leaves today Sam!
Have fun on your date Samantha! We won't know when he gets it out until we hear back from the dr, then he has to see a surgeon. I'm thinking it's going to be a pretty quick turn around!

Competition weekend! At least we don't have to stay anywhere. Just tomorrow and done since it's downtown Atlanta. I'm bummed to be missing Connor's baseball game tomorrow, but glad at the same time because that means we can just hang out on Sunday! My allergies are killing me, so it will be nice to stay in my pjs for a long time and do nothing! Smile

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She doesnt seem nervous Samantha. She has done little things here and there in front of the congregation but this will be the first where she doing a few things and sitting up there. She did say she hopes there is another student up there with her but I dont think so.
Have fun on your date!

Brandi get him fixed up quick! Better start now because you know how long those men take to heal and stop complaining. Better yet go on vacation during his recovery so you dont have to listen. Disney sounds like a nice place to run to.
I probably wont get much of a rest. I work till 4pm then I have to clean up and get dinner then off to Temple. Ugh.

I do hope to get furniture shopping tomorrow. We want new couches.

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I'm sorry you are feeling kind of cruddy Sam. How cute for Sophia though! Have fun shopping for new couches!
Brandi, it'll go quick. Did he have a HIDA scan? That actually tells you at what percentage your gallbladder is functioning. I hope his surgery goes better than mine! Wink I am sure it will! Staying in pjs is a good thing!

TGIF! Last night I went to bed late and each morning I get up at 5:30am. So, I am dragging. Sad I have a big cup of coffee but that doesn't seem to be enough. I could use a nap! Too bad that's not going to happen since I am at work. I think we'll just stay in and maybe watch a movie or something. I am also looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow! That's a great thing about kids getting older; at least they like to sleep in so us moms can too! Biggrin