Daily Thread April 23rd

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Daily Thread April 23rd

What movie did you end up seeing Sam?
How was camping ML?? Your braver than I am? Wink

Not much going on here lately. Just the same ole! I need to get my motivation back to start losing weight again. We'll see if I can find it hiding somewhere while i'm cleaning today LOL.

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Melissa, we had a great time (just not much sleep). Smile
Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

It's Monday, same as most Mondays. Grading, prepping, teaching, errands, homework, cooking, cleaning, and MAYBE watching a t.v. show tonight if I'm not too tired. Dave and I are watching Downton Abbey, the PBS "Masterpiece" series about an English manor home during WWI. It focuses on the lives of the manor lord and his family up above and the servants downstairs.

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You can lose it Melissa!! I'm almost to my goal..finally!
Hope you get a bit of time to relax today ML!

I still feel tired from Saturday! I was up at 5am for Alyssa's competition Saturday, there until 11:30, drove home an hour to go to baseball for Connor. Alyssa did awesome!! They finished off the year in spectacular fashion. Smile Connor's baseball game was stressful...it was a close game, but they won. I was so tired, that's the last thing I needed!! LOL! Then we had a make-up game yesterday, against the 1st place team...and they won!!! We have another game tonight (3 baseball days in a row!), but I don't know how they're going to play. They have a late one, which usually isn't good to begin with, and after playing the past 2 days...it should be interesting!

I need to get to the grocery store today, but don't want to go! It's cold and WINDY out there!! This crazy weather. I'm worried about my plants tonight, but by the end of the week it's going to be 80 again. I don't get it!