Daily Thread April 26th

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Daily Thread April 26th

Sam - where are the pics?!? I wanna see some!!!

Today we have Jakey's speech this morning and then my friend is coming for a visit with her little guy! Maybe Boot Camp for me tonight and dance for Amber - we'll see what time Tammy leaves and how much energy I have to get all 4 kids out of the house by 5:00 0LOL. Is it wrong that I have the energy for Boot Camp and not for wrestling my 4 out the door??? lol.

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LOL Melissa, I hear you about the struggle with kids. It's the WORST kind of exercise I can imagine. Wink
Busy busy busy. Ava cried having to get on the bus this morning b/c her bus driver was mean and shouty yesterday. I feel for her, but there was nothing we could do! Sad HOping her new glasses cheer her up this afternoon.

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Me too! Me too Sam!

lol Melissa. That makes sense. It's hard to get kids out of the door! It's like they like to be slow on purpose just to see how stressed out they can make you. My kids make me nuts in the morning at least twice a week to get out the door on time! lol.

Poor Ava. Hope she loves her new glasses!

I'm debating if I can take 5 kids for a walk today. I have a 2 seater and 3 seater wagon. Just not sure if I could pull both at the same time. Hmmmmmm.

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I am still waiting for the photographer to get in touch with me. She did say 2-3 weeks and its been almost 2 now. Pretty soon. I am just as anxious to see them! I cant wait!

Melissa think of the calories you burn BEFORE you get to boot camp. LOL!
ML why do bus drivers have to be sooo mean. I worked with the bus crew at Head Start and its not always to most fun group of people. I feel for Ava.
Samantha its hard to get a big group out for a walk. I hope you figure it out.

OK well I cant say what happened Tues night because I promised Sophia. I cant say. She's 13 and I cant say. I wont break that promise so I wont. She's 13. That is a fact. No promise broken in saying she's 13 right?

Sigh. Why does time move so fast when it want it to slow down.

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Ohhhhhh Sam - i'm soooooo not looking forward to that! Eeeek seriously how did she ever get that old?!? I still see her as little tiny Sophia! How is it possible that our kids are getting so old but yet we aren't? Wink

Sam - That's a lot of kids to take out LOL. Good Luck with that!!

ML - Hope Ava's day turns around for her! How crappy for her to have to deal with that Sad

Well my friend is coming cause her little guy woke up and isn't feeling good. Just as well cause these 2 are insane today and really need a good nap!

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Hope the kiddos took a nap Melissa!
Bus drivers are mean ML. We had a really good one, but they switched his route, now the kids have a cranky one. I want to see Ava's new glasses!! Smile
Hope you got a walk in Samantha!
OH NO Sam!!! Aunt Flo is a mean old witch!

Craziness here! I was supposed to go on Connor's field trip today, but Tyler decided to get croup last night! :/ Tyler had a field trip today too, so he was upset he couldn't go either. I also got the news that Tyler's teacher quit yesterday. We're pretty upset, but she's a friend of mine and I understand why she did it. There's only 5 more weeks of school left, so we'll keep him there. The kids are pretty much checked out of school now anyway, so they're just working on graduation stuff. Garage sale tomorrow and Saturday...wish me sell my crap vibes! Smile