Daily Thread Dec 29th

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Daily Thread Dec 29th

Wow its been forever since i've been able to sign in here UGH.

Its been sooooo insane here lately. I feel like the holidays have been one big blur! Today i'm finally getting the house put back together and cleaning for our New Years company that is arriving tomorrow. Actually its just P's friend and the 2 kids and i'm going into Toronto for the night with her and then we'll join them on NY Eve day. We did this last year and it was fantastic to have a day/night with no kids. I'm meeting a friend for lunch tomorrow, may do some shopping and then we'll go out for dinner and a movie. I most likely won't get on here again so HAPPY NEW YEAR'S to you all and your gorgeous families!!!! May 2013 be a peaceful, fantastic, amazing year for us all!!!!!!!!

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Happy New Year, Melissa. Enjoy your much-deserved getaway. Smile

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Sounds awesome Melissa! Enjoy and happy new year!