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daily thread feb 21

What a lost wasted long weekend. We have all been sick except Sophia. Stomach flu, then Luke was DXed with pneumonia and an EI. I was DXed with bronchitis and sinus infection. Luke is better but I am totally washed out. I had to work though since I missed THurs and Friday. Not a good time to lose money but what are you gonna do? At least yesterday was a paid day off.

Just trying to survive the day. Since I lost the weekend and had planned to do shopping for the Bat Mitzvah outfits I did some online. I know the bras I bought for me are great since my mom brought me one yesterday to try on. I bought more online. I did order 2 dresses for me to try on too. HOpe one works so that will leave just Sophia. If not I am back to square one.

Off to do naptime. I need to rest.

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Ugh! So sorry to read that everyone (almost) has been sick! *hugs*