Daily thread feb 27th

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Daily thread feb 27th

We did it! We went out yesterday with a sullen teenager who hates dressing up and agreed on a dress!! Nothing fancy. Simple and pretty.


Luckily the store still had big girl sizes because online they only have little ones. We also bought her a white shug because her shoulders need to be covered during the service. She just looks so beautiful. But what a 3 1/2 hour struggle! Now on to shoes. Ugh. I couldnt even think that far yesterday. Now I am the only one without anything to wear.

Just working today. I think I might feel well enough to start working out again. Maybe a short one. See how I do.

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I LOVE that dress Sam!!!!!!!

I've been trying to make phone calls today to get some stuff for Jakey's private speech organized and to get Amber up to date on her immunizations (apparently she is missing one and will be suspended if I don't get it done) but we've switched doctors after we moved and i'm getting the complete run around from both offices! UGH just waiting for a nurse to call me back - hopefully she can help me without me having to schlep both babies down to the doctors office!

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Melissa, good luck getting the medical stuff straightened out. That is such a pain!
Sam, hooray for the beautiful dress. Nice work, Mom.

So tired. So much to do, not enough time. Story of my life. But you know, it's a life I'm fortunate to spend with people I love, and the so-much I have to do is pretty cool stuff. So I'll just shut up and get another cup of coffee. Wink

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That dress is gorgeous Sam! Can't wait to see a picture of her in it!
Yikes Melissa, hope you get that straightened out.
Lol ML. Hope you make it through the day alright!

I'm tired today too, but too busy. Hope I'm motivated enough to get a workout in tonight! Need to get back at it.

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The dress is adorable Sam! I'm sure Sophia is less than thrilled however. Wink She'll still look pretty!
What a pain Melissa! I cannot believe they would suspend her. That's a little over the top.
I hear ya ML! Coffee is good! Biggrin
I'm sorry you are also sleepy Samantha. Same here!

I'm not impressed that it's Monday already. The weekends always fly by so quickly and then before you know it, that darn alarm clock is ringing at 5:30am. Boo. Sad

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Sam, the dress is FABULOUS! I love it!!!
Melissa, I had the same thing happen with Connor...they gave me 1 day to get it done! INSANE! I'm glad my dr office was able to get him in!
ML, hope you enjoyed that coffee! Wink
Go work out Samantha! LOL!
Kelli, alarm clocks are EVIL!

Had to get some summer stuff for the kids this weekend. We're starting to get more and more 70's, so they needed short sleeves. I love sales with coupons! Smile I got some good deals, so I can't complain! My allergies are kicking in full gear. They make me SO tired! I need to clean, but can't get motivated. I'm doing my consignment stuff here and there, so I won't be throwing that together at the last minute...thank goodness!