Daily Thread Jan 17th

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Daily Thread Jan 17th

Its a PD day here and by 8:15 I was ready to throw the towel in Sad Not a good start to the day and somehow I think it won't get better LOL. We have no definate plans, though I may get Percy up in a bit and suggest I go into work LOL. I think me leaving for a few hours might be the best way to get thru this day Wink

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Ha Melissa! Sometimes I just need my space as well so I completely get what you mean. I hope your day gets better friend!

Happy Friday everyone! Smile We are having a heat wave today (50) and then by Monday, it will be -3. Typical Minnesota! Tonight the kids are all going places tonight so Marshall and I are going to have a date night I think. It's much needed! Enjoy your day, everyone!

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Right there with you Melissa with the PD Day and going CRAZY! I have an 8 year old that doesn`t usually come here and doesn`t know the rules and has a hard time not running in my house and say awwww everytime I tell her she can`t do something. Like piggy back the kids while running or wearing scary masks (cause it scares the other kids).
Hope you get to disappear for a bit today!!!

Yay for nice weather and a date night Kelli! Enjoy!!!

Only 3 hours to go and 2 kids will leave. Yay! I can`t wait for the day to be over. Looking forward to hanging out with my kids on the weekend and sleeping in tomorrow morning.

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Melissa I hope you got out for a bit and it helped.
Samantha I count the hours some days too. Like today lol! You and I will both be sleeping in tomorrow.
Kelli enjoy that night out and the weather. We just did the 60 degrees and now it's 20s again. Weird winter.

So I have bronchitis and an Ear infection. Haven't had one of those in years and it HURTS! Hope the meds kick in because i am wiped and I can't take it anymore.
Other than that no cleaning tonight. I will do it tomorrow and then nap. IKEA on Sunday. I love their bed pillows! I am picky and can never find one I like. I have spent as much as $70 for a pillow and hated it. THis one is $10 and is heavenly!