Daily Thread Jan 19th

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Daily Thread Jan 19th

Kelli - sooooo glad your starting to feel better!

Soooo much to do today! We are off to Great Wolf Lodge this afternoon so I need to pack, pick some stuff up for the trip and run some errands! I'm super excited and the kids don't know yet - there going to be soooo excited!

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OOO Melissa have fun! How exciting.

My morning is about to turn to chaos. I am having a washer delivered at the same time 2 babies are set to arrive. Yup. So the 7 month old washer saga is loooooooooooooong! Whirlpool said they only fix not replace washers under warrenty. They sent a repair guy out last Wed. He said he needed to order parts. Never heard from them again. Took 3 days to find out they lost the invoice so parts werent ordered and nothing was sent to Whirpool. OOOOKKK. Then the repair guy tells me to mail a copt of the invoice. What?! He proceeds to inform me this is going to take weeks anyway. They need to wait for these HUGE parts and it take 2 weeks to come in then they need to take my washer to their shop. It cant be done in the home because it is basically a rebuild. WHAT?! A month without a washer?! WHAT!

I call Lowe's where we bought it. They sent me a new washer this morning as a "loner" until we find out what is happening. I was told Whirlpool will replace it if the cost to fix is too high so this loner may be my new washer. WHo knows. At least I can do laundry but now I have 2 washers down there.

ANd the babies are so grumpy! Calgon!

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Have so much fun Melissa!!!
I still can't believe your washer died after 7 months. That is so ridiculous! Hope you're babies aren't crabby all day!

Took the girls to the dentist yesterday, Savannah had a chipped molar (the molar wasn't formed properly and is really weak) and Dakota had one cavity, which ended up being two, both had nitrus gas while getting work done....and bill time came and the girl told me I owed $883!! Barf. Still having a hard time getting over that one.

I have a really busy day today. Just 4 kids this morning, but 2 more are joining right before lunch and Savannah will be home around 12:30pm. Only 2 out of the 6 nap in the afternoon. Hope this day goes by quickly!

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Thank you Melissa! Today is a little worse than yesterday but I'm trudging though. Damn gallbladder. Enjoy Great Wolf Lodge!!
Geez Sam! What a fiasco. I hope it's as painless as possible for you while the babies are arriving.
I feel your dental bill pain Samantha!! Right there with ya. :x I hope your busy day isn't too crazy.

It is COLD here. -7 without the windchill just really makes a person not want to leave their home, ya know? Yuck! We're trying to get our finances all figured out too. Christmas really put us behind and it takes awhile trying to get all caught up. I'm hoping an income tax return can help us do so because Marshall really needs a newer vehicle soon. Being an adult is no fun sometimes, is it? Oh well! Have a good day everyone!

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Have fun at the Lodge Melissa!
If that washer is only 7 months old, I think it's INSANE that they don't give you a new one!! Goes to show that there's no quality in anything we buy anymore! Sad
$883 on the spot Samantha??? CRAZY!!
Kelli, you can keep that -7! I wouldn't even get out of bed with that temp! Smile

Went on Alyssa's field trip to the science museum today! It was fun! BUT, I have to say a bunch of 3rd graders on a bus was not so much. I forgot how LOUD it is! Remind me next time not to volunteer to be a chaparone, but to just meet them there! Wink One of my friends did that instead...she's obviously smarter than I! Nothing else to report from here!