Daily Thread Jan 3rd

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Daily Thread Jan 3rd

Hope you all had a fantastic New Years. We had a lot of fun but since then i've been one big grump LOL. I think the craziness of the holiday season finally wore me down! today i'm cleaning as there are 2 showings of our house. sooooo not what I wanted to be doing grrrr....

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Where've I been, Melissa? You are selling your house? Yikes! Hang in there. *hugs*

I am very sad to hear of Kylie's death (kylieflower).

1) Nicky has been sick with the flu since Sunday. Last night was another bad one with fever and crying/confusion. He is better every morning, giving him false hopes dashed every evening. He's so tired of being sick. I hate it for him.

2) I hurt my right arm somehow and can't raise it, reach for anything, or even dress myself without severe pain circling my upper arm. WTF?

1 + 2 = 3) am having to cancel my trip this weekend to help my mom get unpacked in her new house. Sad Will try to reschedule flight for later this month.

So, not too happy.

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Melissa did you decide to buy a house you were interested in? I know you had mentioned one. Good luck and being grumpy is ok now and then you know.
ML how are managing? Is this the honest to goodness flu? Did you take him in to be tested? I know there are meds that can reduce duration/severity. Worth a call maybe. Poor guy. Sick=sucks. I hope your arm feels better.

I have nothing to say. Just sitting here with major heartburn. Even with all the meds I still have bouts of nausea and chest pain. I did have 2 tacos tonight though but I made them myself with 98% fat free chicken and mild mild seasonings. Gessh.