--Daily Thread January 25th--

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--Daily Thread January 25th--

Only 11 months til Xmas ladies Smile

I'm just cleaning today and need to run out quickly to pick some stuff up. The older 2 have Tae Kwon Do tonight and I don't have Jakey's speech class so i'm hoping to bring them and work out while DH stays home with the little ones.

ML - how is your Dad doing?

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LOL Melissa! Cut that crap out! I just got done with 2011! If you even tell me your starting your shopping I am going to cry.

Cake tasting was great. Luke thought we were going to be eating these big huge cakes! He was sad. We sampled cup cakes in the combos Sophia wanted. He just had this vision of cakes everywhere with us holding forks and wearing bibs I think. Poor guy. This cake is going to look amazing. We did a 2 tier. Bottom is fudge cake with chocolate ganache and raspberry filling. The top is french vanilla (which was an amazing flavor!) cake with carmel heath filling. Then we did 13 red velvet with cream cheese frosted cupcakes. They will go around the bottom of the cake to hold her 13 bday candles. The bottom tier will look like piano keys going around. The bottom will have music notes and little edible pearls. There will be a guitar neck sticking out of the top with a ribbon around the it. It is also a mad hatter inspired cake so each tier is off center and slanted. It will be so cool!

So that was fun. Then I am paying the cake deposit and my mom whips out her credit card and pays for the whole thing! SO awesome! I took her out to subway after to say thanks LOL!

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Poor Luke LOL! The cake sounds awesome! I can't wait to see pics!!!!!!!! And that is so great of your Mom!! Good day overall I'd say though I agree with Luke - I'd want to be surrounded by cakes with bibs on as well! That is my new dream!

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11 months to Christmas? I better start shopping! LOL!
The cake sounds awesome Sam!! Poor Luke...he needed more cake! Smile

Trying to get cleaning done around here. Connor's room was like a scene from hoarders! He had lego boxes everywhere. I have all kinds of organization stuff in this house...why can't my children use it?

Oh well, break over. Gotta get back to the mess!

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Melissa, I hope you get to work out!
The cake sounds amazing and yummy Sam!! I ordered Morghan's 13th cake last week. One of her tiers will also have musical notes. The other is zebra striped. Very neat ways they can decorate cakes nowadays. Smile
Boys and Legos!!! I feel your pain Brandi. Ugh.

Today is a busy day. Working all day, taking Morghan to play auditions and then going to a family class with Marshall. Take out or cereal will be on the menu for dinner obviously. Wink Have a good day all!!

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Melissa, thanks for asking: Dad came through the anesthesia and biopsy procedure very well. He didn't even have to spend the night in the hospital! They sent him back to his rehab facility late in the afternoon. Pathology report will be back in 4-5 business days.
I hope you had some cleaning success and a good workout. Smile
Sam, I was laughing so hard at your description of the cake tasting. We will need LOTS of photos of the festivities, you know.
Brandi, good job cleaning up the LEGO chaos! I need to get busy with Nicky on ours.
Kelli, sounds like it was a super busy family day today. How was the cereal? I should've done that tonight.

Another crazy busy day here! Taught today, then stuffed some food in the kids' mouths and hauled them to N's last LEGO League team meeting (I'm not coaching them this year, YAY!), ran with Ava to get some groceries, then Dave brought N home from the meeting and I had to feed Dave. Had to hustle the kids into baths and read to Ava. Laundry in the interim. Now have to catch up on a boatload of emails and read a novel that I nominated for book club Monday night. Can't ignore THIS one like I have all the others this year. Wink Tomorrow a.m. Ava's LEGO league team (4 1st-gr girls) is exhibiting their model and poster for their first grade classroom as practice, so I've got to haul their stuff down there and help them get organized (I'm their coach this year).