++Daily Thread July 14th++

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++Daily Thread July 14th++

Not too much going on today. A few of Ry's classmates and parents are meeting at a local park today but I'm not sure whether we'll go. Its right at naptime and Jakey and Emma are really a nightmare to take out by myself. Its okay when we go with one of my friends that can help me out but I really don't know these moms to be like 'can you run after that child while I go get that one' KWIM? Not sure what to do cause I know Ry would really enjoy it but I don't see it happening today. I think I'll set up the slip n' slide today so that they have something fun to do with the neighbours. That'll make me feel better at least LOL.

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Keeping them entertained is always a challenge!!!

I'm ready for school to start. Really. Ready. The kids are ready for school and a routine again. Tomorrow is Alyssa's birthday, so let the birthday weekend begin! We're going to a science museum and out to dinner tomorrow, and Saturday is her b-day party with friends. After this, I get to hear Connor whine every day until his birthday. Yippeee.