Daily Thread June 18th

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Daily Thread June 18th

How's everyone?

Yesterday we did a big clean so i'm just finishing that up today and then Jakey has speech this afternoon at 2:00, not sure why I said yes to a time that is right in the middle of Emma's nap time?? LOL.

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In the middle of nap time is BAD! Wink

Connor has baseball camp, and Alyssa has dance camp. Just me and Ty! I have some running around to do this morning, so it will be nice to just have to drag 1 instead of 3. Smile Nothing else to report here. We're boring and I kinda like it!

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Melissa never mess with naptime. It is super sacred.
Brandi enjoy the easy errands.

So summer vacation is officially starting today. It is nice not having to get up so early to drag everyone around. John had a good fathers day but he did have to start cleaning the backyard since we want to have Luke's party back there this weekend. We still have trees to take down but it needs to be cleared out of limbs before we can do more. The other half of the yard is looking so great. The grass really came in finally. It looks like a carpet.

Nothing new to report really. I want to head to Bed bath and Beyond to get a cool pad for myself. They were on a sale rack according to my friend. It is an amazing invention for those of us having serious night sweats. I just cant spend $100 on it so I am hoping they are still on sale.

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Hey, ladies! GL finding that cool pad, Sam. I'll need a report for when I'm in for the night sweats.
Brandi, enjoy the smaller family days this week.
Melissa, FIFTEEN POUNDS!!!! Woohoo! Keep up the good work! Smile

Ava's playing with a friend and then will go to a birthday party with her; I don't have to go get them until 7:45. It's just Nicky and me for the rest of the day! Speaking of N, summer has really gotten him addled. He's very out of sorts with the crazy schedule that changes every day. He almost had a nervous breakdown about taking a bath last night. It took me about twenty minutes to talk him into the water. Love that Aspergers Syndrome! Blum 3 I'm going to write up a very general schedule this evening so he can have some visual cues even when various things change from day to day. We're also in the process of inviting his friends to his party (July 7), so he is getting (over)excited thinking about that. We leave for a week in Alabama at my folks' house in one week. More chaos! My dad is doing a tiny bit better. His hydro PT has him standing upright more (albeit underwater) so he can hopefully build those nerve networks in his legs. His right side is still paralyzed, but he vows to walk one day! GO, DAD!