--Daily thread June 27th--

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--Daily thread June 27th--

Wow seriously where has time went??????? Its the last week of school this week, i'm a bit afraid of having all 4 kids home all the time LOL. The babies and I have a nice little routine going and i'm soooooo afraid that Jakey is going to try and drop his nap during the summer with being distrated by the older kids! I'm just cleaning up from the bday party yesterday. We had 15 kids - all boys except 3 so it was loud but surprisingly my house is not in bad shape! I didn't sleep well last night so i'm hoping for a nap today!

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15 kids! Wow Melissa! I'm afraid for school to be over too. Dylan will be home all day and Dakota and my niece will be home all afternoon. Need to start planning!

Nice quiet day here. Just the girls and my niece and nephew and they didn't get here until 11. Savannah is having a friend over this afternoon.
Dylan's birthday party was awesome on Saturday! I'll post some pics soon.