Daily thread March 26th

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Daily thread March 26th

Off to go finish the Easter shopping and Amber's birthday stuff today. Her party is on Sunday and i've only heard from a couple people - though in their defence we sent out the invites super late! That's about it from here - nothing exciting to say at all!!

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Have fun shopping Melissa!

Late game for baseball today (sigh). Monday late games are the WORST since it throws Connor off for the ENTIRE week. My mom is going to come and stay with the other 2 so I can go to the game, so that helps a little. I have some running around to do today and I'm trying to talk mom into going to get a pedicure with me today! She's never had one, and is leaving for Hawaii for their 40th anniversary on Thrusday! I want to get it in today since our spring break is next week, so places will be super crowded later this week!

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Melissa I hope you get everything done. I totally forgot about Easter. That is not even on my radar so thanks for the heads up.
Brandi get a massage too. We are planning Hawaii for our 25th in 6 years. Gotta save for that.

New little baby today. He is so snuggly I love it! Had a great dinner last night and came to home to a painted ceiling and one wall almost done. He ran out of the sample paint but now I know I like the color for sure. He said he would get the living room and hall all done this weekend. Now to pick the entry paint. That is got me stumped.

Dinner with Nana tonight.

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I can't believe that Amber will be 8, Melissa!
I am not a fan of late activities either Brandi. Yuck. Have fun with the pedicure! Can you believe I have never had one either?!
Enjoy the new little snuggle big Sam. What color are you painting?

Monday already. Boo. This weekend was nice and relaxing so we all had a had a hard time waking up this morning. Thankfully with some prodding we were out the door on time. Wink I did have to stop for a coffee though of course. lol! I have been weeding through our house, trying to sell things no longer useful. I just cleaned up Dimitri's train table and am finding that I am having a hard time letting that go. Sad I don't like that our kiddos are not babes anymore.