--Daily Thread March 30th--

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--Daily Thread March 30th--

This cold is really kicking my butt Sad I feel like i'm getting worse instead of better. Maybe it has something to do with getting no sleep! Both babies have the cold too so of course they aren't sleeping the best. DH is doing what he can but he really sucks at getting them back to sleep grrrr.... I have sooooooo much to do for Amber's party on Sunday plus now we are having her family party on Saturday night here. So that means on Saturday I have to bake roughly 60 cupcakes and icings/fondant plus have a clean house LOL. Plus get all the other stuff organized for her party. A cupcake decorating party seemed like a fun idea at the time of planning the party but not so much right now LOL. I don't even have the energy to go our and buy the supplies! Ahhhhhh..... okay vent over now Smile

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(((HUGS))) Melissa. Can you purchase the cupcakes instead of baking them yourself? Sounds like you need to take some sanity- and time-saving measures!

Off to campus to grade and prep. Public library run after school then homework time for everyone. Don't yet know what's for dinner...

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Poor you Melissa. Hope you're weekend isn't too crazy! Or at least I hope you get some rest before then!
Have fun on campus! I don't know what is for dinner either.

Looks like my months and months of stress is coming to an end. Finally. We were supposed to get our mortgage for this house 2 months ago...and it looks like it's finally going to go through today. Thank you Lord. Things can get difficult when building your own house and both of us are self-employed. And everyone who could have screwed it up...did. I think I'm cursed with this house. I'm just glad it is finally over!