daily thread may 11th

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daily thread may 11th

I feel like I have been picked apart. Do you ever feel like that? Every needs something, there is a mini-kid- sized crisis before school daily and they are grumpy. I just want to wake up and have peace. Is that so wrong. I need everyone to NOT need something. Just a day of not needing stuff. My hair this, my homework that, my lunch....... Something is always wrong with something. And I just got AF. ANd I stubbed the crap out of my toe and the pain actually kept me awake last night.

OK whine fest over. Good news is Luke is having a sleepover tonight and the boy needs to go home at 8:30 in the morning and big sister is sleeping over my parents' house so I wont have to her sour face when the boys are being silly. Like she isnt silly with her friends. KIDS!!!

Tomorrow I am escaping for dinner with my 2 GFs. I need that.

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*HUGS* Sam! I hope things get better for you. Dinner with GFs is always a good getaway. I got AF this morning too, ON THE MORNING THAT WE HAVE NO WATER IN THE HOUSE! Yes, there is a giant water main break about a mile from here. Nothing is open in the vicinity, either. UGH. We did get the kids off to school okay, but Dave and I look like *@#&$ and need to get going on our days.

Dave got 4 free tix in the "Diamond Club" for the Phillies game tonight and we're taking the kids tonight! Good (free) parking.

Okay, headed to Target for facilities and supplies...

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Well man do I feel better now Sam. I was just thinking the exact same thing, I was worried I was all alone. I feel like my kids and I are fighting every morning to get out the door. Over ridiculous things! Dakota had a fit this morning because I wouldn't let her wear her crocs! It's not warm enough today. Geez. And Dylan in the last month or so has developed such an attitude and when he's in a mood, he argues about everything! And using that snotty pre-teenager tone. With the whole head going side to side thing. Drives me nuts.
Have so much fun with at dinner tomorrow Sam!

Have fun tonight ML! Sounds like fun! Hope they get your water back on too. Yikes!

Well, lucky me, I'm due to get AF on Monday. The day before my TRIP! Usually I'm about 4 or 5 days late. I'll be so mad if I have it on my vacation. Urgh.
Lots of cleaning and laundry this weekend getting the house ready before I go.

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Same here Sam, all the time. I feel stretched thin, daily. Enjoy your dinner out!
Have so much fun at the game ML!
I hope your trip goes well Samantha!

Today is Morghan's 13th birthday! I'm kind of having a hard time with that. They are babies, you blink and then they grow up. Sad stuff. Sad Tonight I am taking her and five of her friends to the mall for a scavenger hunt, out to dinner, then to Cherry Berry and finally to our house for a sleepover. I am sure they will stay up all night screaming and talking about boys while making prank phone calls. Wink