Daily Thread May 14th

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Daily Thread May 14th

Larry has a math test today, and since it's on a chapter that's more about statistics than traditional math, he seems to understand it well. I'm hoping he gets the high grade he needs to boost his overall math score, because he badly needs it! Math has not gone well this year. Sad

On the bright side, he has a lot of fun stuff going on this week, as his school really packs in the activities during May. The last day is June 1st this year since they started so early. The only thing on my agenda today is a lot of catch-up cleaning. Have a good day, everyone!

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Hey Erin! Good to see you ! I hope that math test is a breeze for Larry. Luke isnt a reader but loves math. There is always one crappy subject I think.

Mother's Day was nice. Just went to lunch and the kids and John cleaned my car finally. Finally! I dont even want anyone in there now. Is that wrong?

I have a 4 day work week which I am thankful for. Good thing is that I am actually making more this week and not less due to Friday's day off. Everyone needed to add hours so in the end I am actually making more. AND I get Friday off. GO figure. I have a diagnostic mammogram on Friday morning. Its the right side that needs the repeat. I am sure it is fine and I am not worrying but I will be glad to get the report on it.

Today I am just cleaning after work and leftovers for dinner. Exciting.

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Erin, I hope Larry feels good about his math test today! GL with your catching up. I'm in the same boat.
Sam, GL with the mammo! Did they find a suspicious spot? Hope it's just some garden-variety lumps that mean nothing. I know it's nerve-wracking, though.
Had a great weekend except that N got strep throat. He's home with me today and doing better. Should be fine for school tomorrow, provided the fever stays away. I'm going to put a chicken in the crock pot in a few minutes then get back to work cleaning this house.

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Hope Larry does well Erin! All kids have that one subject...Alyssa's and Connor's are reading. :/ I guess that's what you get when you have 2 parents that are wired for math and science!
YAY for more money this week Sam! Enjoy that day off!
Oh the evil strep. Bleh. Hope he bounces back quick ML!

Only 2 more weeks of school!!! I can't believe it! That means 3 weeks until vacation!!! The time will fly with everything going on. This week the kids have field day tomorrow, then we have the baseball party tomorrow night. Thursday, Tyler has his pre-k graduation (sniff, sniff). Then I'm outta here for some much needed mommy time this weekend. Next week is crazy with activities at school. Tyler and I are taking his old teacher out to lunch too. He's going to be SO excited! He misses her so much. Hopefully I'll get to find out why she quit so suddenly too...I have a feeling it's going to be interesting!

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Hey Erin! Nice to see you here Smile Hope he does well on his math test today.
Yay for more money Sam! Enjoy Friday off! Glad you had a great mother's day.
Hope N is fine for school tomorrow! Glad you had a great weekend Smile
3 weeks! Yay Brandi! Hope the kids have a great last couple weeks. Have fun at lunch too. Nice to hear the inside story with what's going on at school. Let us know what you find out Smile

Just getting things ready for my trip tomorrow! Ah! I should have taken the whole day off tomorrow to get ready and so I don't have to panic keeping things clean with all the kids here.
I'm keeping my kids home tomorrow. I didn't like that I had to say goodbye to Dylan and Dakota in the morning and not see them right before I leave. Hope I don't cry when I go!