Daily thread May 8th

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Daily thread May 8th

Man I can't believe its already the 8th! I suspect May is going to fly by! Not too much on for today, off to the gym this morning for my long workout while Jakey is in pre-school. After that, lunch and nap hopefully and then The Voice finale tonight!!!! Anyone watching The Voice?

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Enjoy your long workout, Melissa. I don't watch tv much lately; still have to catch up on the last two Mad Men I DVR'ed!
I *think* I will be finishing up my final grades today and submitting them. That means my classes are over for spring. Still lots of academic work to do over the summer, but it is a labor of love, I guess. Wink I'm thinking of going in to ask the dean for a raise tomorrow; just want to get my ducks in a row first. Have a great Tuesday, ladies.

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I watch the voice every now and again. Enjoy it tonight! Have a good workout!
Hope you get a raise ML! Have a good day. Hope you get a nice break now that spring classes are over.