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    I had a fantastic day yesterday shopping with my aunt and mom! Back to reality today though Lots of cleaning and tons of clothes to fold. I also need to do Tae Bo at some point - i've been slacking!
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    Glad you had fun shopping Melissa. I love shopping.

    Just working today but soo happy for the 3 day work week and it seems so far 2 out of 4 kids are going home early on Wed. A third goes at 2:30 anyway so if the 4th decides to leave work early I have a nice Wed!

    This week is going to be FUN! Thurs is Thanksgiving, Friday morning we cut down our tree and have our decorating "party" with my parents where we eat pizza and make smores in the fireplace then they take the kids for the night so John and I get a date. Saturday mom and dad have the kids all day to do a gingerbread house and see some lights at the zoo. John and I will probably get up late and then finish up Luke;s shopping. Sunday we are taking the kids to a movie and dinner. I can't wait!

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