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Daily thread Nov 27

ML what breed of Christmas tree are you getting? You mentioned that the needles fall off. You need to get a blue spruce. They hold their needles forever. THis is day 5 for our tree and not one needle on the floor and there won't be either. Just a thought. Also when you pick the tree grab a branch and run your hand along it. If your end up with a fist full of needles its old, don't buy it. And maybe waiting till closer to the holiday isnt helping either. Those trees have probably been sitting around for a few weeks without water, who knows. MIght do better getting a blue spruce now. And that is "How to Pick a Christmas Tree" by Samantha, the good little Jewish girl. Next up a great recipe for potato latkes.

Nothing new going on here. I did some cyber Monday shopping...........for me. What? I know. I got a Garmin GPS for 50% off and a Cuisinart food processor for $200 off. It was $425 I got it for $225 and it gets rave reviews as does the GPS I bought. BOth items I have been wanting for years. The GPS might be too fancy for me because it has lifetime map and travel updates and "lane adjustment" to tell me what lane to be in on the highway but whatever. I might end up still printing off maps from mapquest but we will try to enter 2013 with everyone else. Now to facebook and text. Ya right. NEVER!

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ROFL Sam. Love reading your posts, puts a nice smile on my face in the morning. No pressure for tomorrow. lol. Yay for shopping for yourself! You deserve it Smile

Not feeling the greatest today. Or yesterday. I even went to bed at 10 last night and slept right through until 7:20 this morning and I still don't feel rested enough. Hope I'm not coming down with something bad. I'm going to blame it on my period for now. I'm hoping I feel good enough to work out this afternoon, I haven't since Thursday. Then I'll make dinner while the little ones are sleeping and do some cleaning, my brother is coming over for dinner.

Melissa...come say hi! I still can't get that stupid app on my blackberry. Do you think I can delete blackberry messenger? Because that will create enough space. I'm just worried it will screw up my phone even more.

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Shopping for yourself sounds fun Sam! Biggrin
I'm sorry you are feeling kind of cruddy Samantha. I hope it's nothing.

I looked over the kids' Christmas lists this morning and geesh kids are expensive! Wink It gets worse as they get older too. Other than that, not much here. Just the normal work day is all. Have a good one girls!

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Sam, you crack me up. I never use a GPS either. I am too worried about getting distracted, I can't multitask at all and especially not while driving!
Samantha, I hope you are feeling better and got to work out. I've been struggling with that as well.
Kelli, hoping you find great bargains! Kids *are* expensive... I am dreading the teen years (especially when I have two hungry teen boys!)