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    Default Daily Thread Nov. 30

    It's been a few weeks since I stopped in so I thought I would contribute a daily. Surprised??

    Hope everyone's Thanksgiving was nice (this side of the border). We hosted at our new house and everyone seemed to have a great time. (Admittedly I felt a little lonely because it was all Bill's family plus my sister-in-law, but it would've been far more stressful if my family had been there too, so... you know. LOL)

    I am getting ready to travel next week and also just booked a couple of trips for our family -- Bill and I will be going for our first EVER overnight AWAY FROM THE KIDS in December! We SO need this! (and so do they) We will be going to my company's holiday party in NYC. I cannot wait!! I also booked a family overnight in Atlanta through the Marriott, which was offering a nice package deal at the Georgia Aquarium. We were looking for things to do with the kids while they're home from school, and that seemed like a perfect activity. Being able to do family stuff like this has been a very long time coming.

    Hope everyone has a good weekend, will try to check in next week after I am back home...

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    Hey Christa! I love that you are getting away alone. It's great once the kids get old enough to understand. Hmmm. I think they are getting old enough for Disney too and you are so close now. Just sayin'. Enjoy!

    Friday is done. Just some cleaning to do. John just did the banking so I am thrilled about that. I hate rushing there after work for some reason.
    I guess I will go heat up some leftovers and rev up my mop.

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    Christa, the aquarium is awesome! The World of Coke is right next door too if you want something else to do!
    Since I talked to you today Sam, I don't have much else to say! LOL!

    We were back to the craziness this week, and this weekend isn't much better! Alyssa has dance and tumble, the boys have haircuts and pics for the kids too. I'm glad we're having such nice weather since I really wanted pics of the kids outside! Otherwise, just hoping to sleep in just 1 day this weekend!
    Brandi, Scott, Alyssa, Connor & Tyler!

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    Sam, thanks for the Christmas tree advice. I'd like to shop for one this weekend!
    Christa, hooray for couples and family getaways!
    Brandi, I hope you get your morning in bed this weekend.
    Busy Friday (aren't they all?). Ava's at a sleepover and N's trying to finish some schoolwork he didn't do at school. He's driving me nuts. I'm going to make a fire, put on some carols, and clean the room some more so we can get our tree.

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