--Daily Thread Nov 3rd--

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--Daily Thread Nov 3rd--

Hope your day is less stressful ML! How is your dad?

Both babies were up before 5:30 - lovely! Emma is going to be a mess around 10:30 but I'm not letting her sleep, I need a nap today lol! Amber has dance tonight, Ry goes to play ping pong and I have Boot Camp. Though P switched shifts so he's working tonight which means I need to put the babies in daycare at The Y so we have to leave even earlier - should be fun after school today :roll:

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Why do they always get up when you don't want them to get up?? Hope you get to sneek in that nap!

I'm going to a networking meeting today to try and get some Thirty-One business. We have a crazy weekend coming up. Scott's b-day is Friday, and my dad's b-day is Sunday. So we will have a lot of cake and craziness! Connor is star student next week too, so we have to make a poster all about him. Just what I need, a project! Why can't I get projects on weekends when we have nothing else to do?!

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Wow that's early. Hope you catch a nap today Melissa!
Have fun with the birthdays this weekend Brandi! You're so busy!

It's my darling Dakota's 6th birthday today! Wow how time flies! We're doing her chicken fajitas for dinner and mint chocolate chip ice cream. Both her choice. We had enough cake at her parties over the weekend.
10 more days until Disney! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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Happy birthday, dear Dakota. Have fun, Samantha!
Brandi, good luck with the birthday planning.
Melissa, sounds like a long day. *hugs*

My dad is about the same. Waiting for some good news to cheer the family up, but none is coming yet... Thanks for asking. Waldo is a little better today, thankfully. He kept down a little bit of food yesterday, so we'll give him more today. Poor dog is a skeleton at the moment. Sad