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    Hey girlies, i'm still up so I figured i'd start the days daily. I've been soooooo busy that I can't even stand it! Just working my little PT job that feels more than PT and carting everyone around. Today (Friday) I'm going into work to exchange consignment stuff and then taking pictures,pictures and more pictures. Also cleaning - oh the joys
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    Good luck MElissa. It seems like the new job is working out even if it is busy. Good for you!

    Cleaning is on my agenda too. Last night I did the living room and kitchen blinds and windows. I did some dusting too. I need to do some major cleaning tonight and tomorrow but at least some of it is done. I also have to pull down the suitcases.

    Tomorrow my brother is adopting a dog! He needs a companion and we look long and hard. His name is Benny and he is a feist or a fiest. Not sure the spelling. He is super cute. I will go with him for the pick up tomorrow. Exciting! The kids are so excited too.

    Other than that just cleaning this weekend.

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