Daily thread Oct 21st

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Daily thread Oct 21st

Hope your feeling better Brandi! We've all been coughing insanely here too!

So we joined The Y this week and have been loving it! The kids have done Tae Kwon Do and Amber did Dance last night while Ry went to the Youth Zone and played ping pong and I did Boot Camp and am pretty sore today! I'm cleaning today, with being out the last few evenings and all day yesterday shopping, my house looks like a bomb went off!

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That's awesome that everyone will have an activity!!

I have bronchitis. Sad I'm starting to feel better, but I forgot that I'm really still sick and end up overdoing it! I just can't stand the laundry piling up and the house being a mess!!

Alyssa has her overnight lock-in tonight for dance. She is SOOO excited! They learn their full company dance (60 girls). If I have to lay on top of her tomorrow, she's taking a nap! Smile She starts her gifted testing today, and it continues Monday so I don't need a tired girl going to school next week!

No big plans for the weekend. Just trying to get the house clean...at a snails pace!

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Good for you for joining the Y Melissa! That's great that they have something for the whole family.

Hope you feel better soon Brandi! Good luck getting Alyssa to nap. KUP on the gifted testing!

I had an ok day today. But I was so glad when all the daycare kids went home. We relaxed had dinner and ice cream and then watched Victorious and iCarly and then I put the kiddies to bed. I hope they sleep in for me!

I just finished working out! I'm doing great and have been going strong working out at least 3 or 4 times a week. Hope the pounds start coming off soon! I'm at the point that I actually want to work out now and don't find it to be such a chore. Yay me! lol.