++Daily Thread Sept 1st++

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++Daily Thread Sept 1st++

It can't possibly be September!!!!!! Man oh man, time has flown by! We don't have much planned for today except for going to friends house for dinner tonight.

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I Hear ya Melissa! And a dinner you dont have to cook is the best way to start the month I say.

Nothing much here either. I have 5 daycare kids today. Its naptime. Thank heaven. I have 6 tomorrow so I should be enjoying my slow day. LOL!

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I can't believe it's the ninth month. This year has been a blur. Hope you enjoyed your evening, Melissa. Sam, how do you maintain the energy for your childcare business? I'm beat. Finished the second week of teaching today, and it's done me in. Have to go in to campus Saturday to get ahead for next week. It's impossible to work at home these days!

Have a great holiday weekend, US folks. When is Canada's labor day?