Dec 19th

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Dec 19th

OK. I have been doing good not worrying about Luke. But this morning in the shower I started to think about what it would be like if he needed surgery and how I would tell him. He is always so worried about how everyone else is feeling. I think he would worry alot about himself. Ugh. We havent even seen the doctor yet and I have made mountains out of molehills.

Got most of the wrapping done last night. THen I remembered more gifts that are still hidden around for Nana and JOhn and my mom. Just when I thought I was done right. Idid get help from John and Sophia though.

I sound grumpy. I'm not really. Maybe I just need to more coffe.

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Oh Sam ((HUGS)) Its gotta be hard not to think about it! How did the turkey/duck go over? Was John surprised?

Man its been soooo busy - but a good busy! Today I'm going out with my mom for the last of the stuff and pick up stuff for Xmas dinner and baking that i'm going to do sometime this week. Maybe next week I'll get to sit down for a bit Wink LOL.

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Sam, ((((BIG HUGS)))) That is a big thing to contemplate. Don't let it overwhelm you right now--just find the rest of those presents and start wrapping!
Melissa, glad you're having a good kind of busy right now. "Happy Holidays..." Love that song.

I had my thyroid out Thursday morning and am feeling pretty normal this morning, except for a lump in my neck and some light-headedness. Can't drive until tomorrow, so I'm trying to get Christmas in order here at home. Will start the wild holiday errand scurry tomorrow, I guess. Smile

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p.s. how do I edit my sig? It's not like it used to be. (haha--understatement, eh?)

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Sam, what day is Luke's appointment? Next week, right? I hope you will hear positive news. (((HUGS)))
We are always busy this time of year, aren't we Melissa? I'm glad it's a good busy for you though. Smile I loved your photo with the kids and Santa I saw on FB.
ML, I didn't know you were having your thyroid out. I hope you heal okay!!

I have a short work week thankfully. We got a big chunk of our shopping finished up on Saturday so just a few last minute things, teacher gifts and stocking stuffers left to get. Since I work through Thursday, Friday will have to be the day to get those. Cutting it close is the name of the same I suppose. Wink It was just the girls and I shopping and we had a lot of fun. They are great shopping buddies! Biggrin Wrestling practice for D tonight. Thankfully supper is already made. I love that feeling!

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(((BIG HUGS))) Sam. It's so hard not to worry. Hope you hear all good news at the next appt.
Have fun out with your Mom today Melissa. Hope the stores aren't too busy!
I didn't know you were having your thyroid out either ML. Hope you feel better soon! To edit your siggy, click on the private messages tab on that purple bar up top, then there should be a list of settings on the left side.
Love that feeling too Kelli! Unfortunately I don't have it ready early often enough. lol. Good luck with the rest of your shopping!

Dylan had the flu this weekend. Not fun! But he was feeling better in the evenings so we still managed to get out to our Christmas party Saturday night, so that was fun!
The girls winter showcase dance show was Sunday and it was adorable!
Went shopping this morning, groceries and last minute stuff. Now I am all done! yay! Now I just have to wrap. I have a lot to do and I'm not feeling the greatest. My thyroid gland is swollen and hurting like crazy! And they told me there's nothing they can do except for taking Advil every 6 hours for the swelling. It sucks.