dec 20th

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dec 20th

That thread Kelli started got me thinking. How on Earth do I get Wifi into this house if my computer is a netbook with no CD drive? I cant get the program onto my computer to make the router work. Is there a way to download off a website? I want my SmartTV to work!! I missed a few episodes of New Girl and OnDemand doesnt have the first ones out anymore. Sigh. Why cant *I* be a SmartTV or a SmartSam so I could figure this stuff out. I hate these new fangled gadgets.

Nothing new going on today. ONly 4 kids today. Yesterday was 5 and tomorrow is 6 so I should enjoy today right. The 4 I have are the bigger kids so we are baking today. I promised. They are dying to bake the Disney brownies I brought home. Truth is it's a brownie mix but the box has a picture of Minnie on it. Nothing special inside though. Hope they arent looking for fireworks and parades in the box.

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Wish I could help Sam but I have no idea! Have fun making brownies Sam!

I only have 1 kid again this morning. This is awesome! lol. I think we're going over to a friends house to visit. Even though it would be fun to go shopping again, but I have nothing left to buy.
Got a little bit of wrapping done last night, Dylan managed to stay awake in his bed until 9:30, so I couldn't get everything out in case he got out of bed. I still have lots to do and not sure when I'm goign to be able to get it all done!

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You ARE a SmartSam! Biggrin These dumb new gadgets just make things more complicated then they need to be. Could someone from the cable company come help maybe? I love Disney food! Have you ever tried the Mickey Chicken Noodle soup? That was a good one!
Enjoy your 1-kid day Samantha! I also have to find time to wrap it all. I thought shopping was the tough part but I kind of forgot I then have to wrap everything I purchased. lol!

Happy Tuesday! Still not the weekend but at least it's not Monday, right? No plans for tonight, which is kind of how I like them. I don't like having to rush home from work, make supper and then go do something. I guess I'm sort of lazy. Biggrin We live in Minnesota and they are saying we will NOT have a white Christmas. No snow so far. How odd.

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I think you can download the software from the internet Sam. It would be logical since there aren't any netbooks that have cd drives and they all can use wi-fi! Smile Oh, Happy Hanukkah! Smile
Enjoy your 1 kid day Samantha! I can't stand going to the stores anymore. Everyone is miserable! I think I may have to pick up a couple quick stocking stuffers, but I've been done otherwise.
I love no plan days Kelli! I'm greatful that the kids are off of school already!

We made it though the Christmas Show madness. I was EXHAUSTED and so was Alyssa! Yesterday was Tyler's birthday, so since he's low-key it was a low-key day. My inlaws are here so it's a little nutty. They leave tomorrow, then we can go back to normal. They are taking the kids to see the Chipmunks movie today, so I'll get all the presents wrapped....hopefully I'll finish quick and take a nap!

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Sam, GL with the tech exploits and enjoy baking.
Samantha, enjoy the quieter day today.
Kelli, I hope you can put your feet up and relax with the kids tonight.
Brandi, whew! Glad you made it through all that in one piece.

Felt good enough to drive out for some errands this morning and forgot the main reason for going out: to pick up my photos at Target to put in the Christmas cards. DUH. Now I'm going to have to go back out in this mess and may not make the afternoon mail. Oh well, people are just going to have to WAIT. I did get the rest of the gift shopping done, though, which is a load off. Now, like all of you, I have to wrap some things. Luckily, Santa does not wrap what he leaves for the kids, only Mom and Dad wrap, so that's a few I can let go of. Wink

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Samantha one kid sounds amazing. TOday was low key just because they aren't infants. Tomorrow is another story though. Enjoy the peace!

Kelli I have never tried the soup! I did see it and did think about it. I will get it next time for sure then! Ya for no place to go tonight! I hate going out after work unless its summer time.

Tomorrow is almost here Brandi!! Hold on! Thanks for the Hannukah wishes. First candle! I also believe I should be able to buy the box thingy and download the program. Maybe I can hit best buy after the holidays?

ML!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just read about your surgery!!! OMG lady! I am glad you are better. You make us worry. Keep us up to date from now on!