dec 22nd

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dec 22nd

Today is my last day of work!!! I have the next 4 days off!!!!!!!!!!! I am working till 5:30 however buuuut at least I see the break coming.
Still didnt wrap the last of the gifts and by the time the last kid left at 5:30 and I did dinner and clean up and baths and homework I had nothing left for house cleaning. Oh well. I will have to do it tonight and John will be home so he said he would help plus do bath and homework. I am on my own with wrappping though I was told. I am happy with not doing homework and bath but dont tell him that. He will slack on the cleaning.

Tomorrow is Luke's cardio appt and Sophia's orthopedic appt in boston. I hope we get good news at both!

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yay for John doing baths and housework Sam! I'd be okay with that trade off too!

I'm cleaning and going to finish the wrapping once the babies go to nap. I want to start baking too. We are suppose to go for a playdate tonight but seeing as Jakey was up at 4:00 today I may need to nap too! Doesn't he know I have too much to do to have him getting up sooooooo early ?!? LOL

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Hope your last day goes by fast! Nice trade off with John! Best of luck at the appt tomorrow. Lots of huge positive thoughts!
Yikes Melissa, that is way too early! Hope you get your nap in! And wrapping too!

5 kiddies today. Not too bad, but this is kind of my last day. Tomorrow I just have 2 and only until 11:30am. Then I get to go to a hair appointment and get rid of all this grey hair! Yay! lol.
I decorate cookies last night, tonight I have to make oreo truffle balls. It's a kraft kitchen recipe and they are easy and so yummy!
The kids have their Christmas shopping day today at school. I love their school! They have new or gently used items donated, and they bring all the classes around and the kids can pick out whatever they want to buy for their parents and siblings and everything is 50 cents each. My kids look forward to it every Christmas! And I love seeing what they picked out for us.
Going out to dinner with friends tonight! Yay! No cooking! lol.

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Yay for vacation Sam!!! I'm going to call you in the morning...I promise! Smile
Hope you got everything done today Melissa!
Enjoy your hair getting done Samantha...I got my roots hidden yesterday. I love when my hair just gets done!

I had running to get done today so I don't have to join the masses at the grocery store tomorrow! I got some cookie prep done too, so I'll be baking tomorrow. I made the Christmas Crack today (that's what I like to call it since it's addicting!)! Lasagne in the oven for dinner...yum!

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Please post appointment updates tomorrow Sam!! Good luck dear.
4am is WAY too early Melissa. I hope you got a nap!
I hope the kiddos had fun shopping today Samantha. That's cute.
I have had Christmas Crack, Brandi. It is yummy!

I'm almost out of here for the day. It's weird and doesn't really feel like Christmas. This will be the first "brown" holiday I can remember. How strange. I'm getting close to being done with gifts but I haven't even purchased wrapping paper yet. Yikes. Tonight is our final Christmas Concert of the season. Michael's turn! Have a good night friends. Smile