December 13

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December 13

Going to Temple tonight for dinner and candle lighting. Brisket, eggplant latkes and dessert. And no cooking. Sounds good to me. Then after that we rush back for Luke's parent teacher meeting at 7:30. It will be a short dinner. Oh well. We will have enough time for it all.

Anyone in the market for a slightly used Ipod touch? I found the one we thought was stolen so now LUke has 2. :mad: Oh well. 50% off sale.

Oh and buy Zicam. THis is the second cold I have kept at bay. This one is a doozy though. It started out all gang busters and I felt awful 2 nights ago. I woke up yesterday and thought I needed to call out sick it was so bad. A few doses of zicam and vit c and I am feeling soooooo much better. It's worked on me twice so I am a fan.

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Have fun tonight Sam! I've never heard of zicam. I wonder if they have it in Canada. 50% off - how much is that? How much are iPOD's in the states? My friend is getting one for her daughter for Christmas, I'll ask her if she bought it yet.

Dakota's home with a bad cough today. I think she is loving it. She's not sick enough to want to rest, so she's playing and having too much fun. lol.
I got up from the dinner table last night and could hardly walk on my left foot. It was so strange, like I pulled a muscle or something at the side of my ankle. I must be getting old, how do you pull a muscle while sitting at the dining room table eating dinner?

I'm excited for Sunday, we're going to see Disney's Live Phineous and Ferb! And the kids don't even know it yet. We told them we were going to a Disney show, so Dylan thinks it's some sort of princess thing. He's not very excited to go. lol

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OMG Samantha! Ry would LOVE that!!
Sam - we bought one for Amber already or i'd be all over that!

Not much going on here today. Emma is sick which means i'm getting next to nothing done! I should go down and wrap some gifts while she sleeps and Jacob is entertained by the Wii. That kid is addicted to video games :roll: