December 28th

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December 28th

Happy holidays ladies. I hope everyone had a nice day. I have been sick. Trying to kick this thing has taken weeks. I was fine when I was taking the Zicam but then I stopped. And slowly this took over. I guess I should not have stopped the Zicam. Stupid.

We had a nice Christmas though. We did the cooking and hosting. I was wiped out at the end of the night but it was fun just the same. My mom helped so much. And my sibs washed the pots.

Got some really great stuff. Godiva liquor was a nice gift from one of my families with a GC to a fancy restaurant. Got one bonus check which was a gift from heaven. And I bought myself a sweater with a Macy's GC I got. Got an awesome Cinderella sweat shirt from a sweet friend. And John bought me some leggings and a top and GC to Loft. I know I am forgetting some stuff but I am so tired right now and about to start working. I am so thankful for this 3 day week you have no idea. It is also an easy week with 2 kids on vacation. This is the perfect week for it too. Hopefully next week I will ne back to my old self. If not I have to see a doctor.

HUGS to all my friendss!

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Sam, *hugs* I hate to read that you're still sick. Sad Sounds like you had some lovely holiday cheer in the midst of it, though.

We're doing well. Had a really peaceful Christmas. Went to see Rise of the Guardians this morning and Dave and I both cried several times! What a great movie. I'm going to try to get the books from the library and see how they are.

Be safe, everyone, and have a happy new year's eve! Wink

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That's too bad your sick Sam! Hope your starting to feel better!! Sounds like you got some great things!!!!!!
Yay for a peaceful Christmas ML!!