Dialy August 30

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Dialy August 30

Seriously it's almost Sept. I can't believe it. Nothing new today. GOtta try to get some hard to get dining reservations for a couple of clients. I have been trying 2-3 times a day but with no luck. Dining fills up fast in Disney.

I have been working out like craazy with NO weight loss. So mad! Oh well. Other than that bit of info I am without anything fun to say. Work and YA for a long weekend!

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Sam, good luck w/the ressies! Also, maybe avoid the scale and go by measurements instead? Maybe you're putting on muscle weight as fat leaves?

Teach two classes today, back-to-back, from 12:30 - 4:30. Ugh.

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Sam, have you tried increasing your calories? If you work out and don't eat enough you won't lose anything.
Hope the day wasn't too painful ML!

2 weeks!!! I can't wait! I need to get out of here just to escape the allergies. Nothing new here. Running the kids around and doing homework. We have family coming in this weekend, so it will be busy.