Do you girls realize

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Do you girls realize

that we are the oldest single month board left? They just merged a bunch of stuff and we are still standing lol! Thank goodness!!!

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That's AWESOME! We are the best and this proves it. I only wish there were more of us still around. I get sad when I see just a handful of us left.

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That is awesome! Love that we've been together on this board for almost 9 years. It is scary that we are getting down to just a few of us. I don't want this board to disappear.

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We rule!

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I'm so glad we're still around! If it wasn't for the idiotic log in problems I have all of the time I would be posting more. I do read often though! I see most of you on facebook and I miss the rest of you!

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I know I don't post much either but I also read a few times a week. I'm so thankful to have ended up with such great girls here!! Biggrin

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Well hello there Stacey! I think it's time for you to update your profile picture Smile