Early October 1st and 2nd weekend thread!

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Early October 1st and 2nd weekend thread!

Just thought I'd post this early cause things are quiet and my kids are sleeping Smile

I'm turning 30 tomorrow (October 1st) Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I feel like I'm being a little dramatic about it. Why is this effecting me so much? It's just an age. But I've been thinking about it for days and days.
I'm so happy with where I am at 30, I have a wonderful husband and amazing kids that I totally adore! But I think I'm a little disappointed in myself because I had this big plan almost a year ago to eat right and exercise so I can get some energy back in my body...and it hasn't happened yet. Oh well! We'll start after the party is over!

Here I come thirty!!! lol.

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Happy Birthday Samantha!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy your day and worry about the weightloss/fitness stuff when all your celebrating is done!

We are just hanging around this weekend. I invited our neighbours two kiddos to sleep over tonight so i'm making the kids clean their rooms all up! Not sure why because they are just going to get destroyed LOL! We are giving one of P's co-workers a bunch of our old furniture that is in the basement and I can't find the screws and stuff for the table! Man I have noooooo idea where they could be eeek. That is about the extent of my day lol!

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Happy Birthday Samantha! 30? You're a baby!! LOL! You're making me feel really old! Wink
Melissa, hope the destruction is minimal!

I'm exhausted. I've been running around like a maniac, and had the garage sale this weekend. It was pretty much a let down, so all that work for nothing sucks!! What makes it even more frustrating is I'm saving for a GOOD camera and was hoping this would do it! Our camera is starting to take funky pics (probably because it's been used and abused, but we got beyond our moneys worth out of it!) and I want one that I can take action shots with the kids without blur! My photographer friend recommended one for me, so I'm anxious now!

I'm totally sleeping in tomorrow. Even if that means sticking stuff in my ears so I don't hear the children!

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Thanks Smile I had a great birthday! And I'm over the whole 30 thing...I think. lol.

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