Feb 13

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Feb 13

Funeral was yesterday. It was so sad. Luke just cried the entire service and didn't want to go to the grave site so he stayed in the car with John. I was the speaker. I made it through without someone having to read the rest for me so I was happy about that. I am just so exhausted. Today I am going back to Nana's apartment for more clearing out. We got more than 1/2 way done Sunday and didn't go up yesterday. Finishing today would be great but I don't see it. I feel like we will need the weekend too. I just want everything to go back to normal. To top it off my millionaire uncle and Nana's son didn't feel like it was fair for him to pay for the entire funeral. And by entire I mean under $10,000. My mom paid more than half in the end. And he has done nothing to arrange the services, clear out the apartment (hasn't set foot in the apartment), cancel her utilities and credit cards, or pay her final bills. Millionaire son. He ended up with the entire family business free of charge. And now he is off to his winter home in Florida today. Good go. He is useless to us emotionally, mentally, physically or financially. We won't be seeing him again.

I should get showered and on my way. Sorry for the rant.

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Dear Sam. ****HUGS**** I am so sorry this is all complicated by relatives who do not share in the family duties or kindnesses. I've been thinking of you and hope things will get a little easier as the days advance. Poor Luke. Sad I hope Sophia is holding up okay.
Rant away. We are listening.

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I've been thinking about you too Sam! I'm so sorry to hear that your Uncle is being such a douchebag! Its a trying enough time in all of your lives without trying to deal with someone like that Sad Just know that we are thinking of you hun ((((((HUGS)))))))

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How horrible of him to just walk away. I'm sorry girl. I've been wanting to call you, but I figured you were more than busy. I will when things calm down a little! Poor Luke. Sad ((HUGS)) to your entire family!

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Aw Sam. (((BIG HUGS))) I've been thinking of you and your family! Hope you make it through the rest of the week ok Sam. We're here for you.
Sorry your Uncle is such an a**hole. What a piece of work. Geez.