Feb 26th

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Feb 26th

Hi Girls. How is everyone doing? We are fine over here. We had our 36 inches of snow in the form of a blizzard a couple weeks back and the kids got 2 days home. Interesting. THere was even a driving ban for 2 days. John is still recovering from leg surgery though he has been back to work for a long time now. It got infected so that was fun.
Kids are fine and dogs are fine.

I guess I am doing a great job at the Travel Agent thing because I was asked to go to a special conference in Disney World this fall. It's only for travel agencies that are Earmarked by Disney and we are. Our agency is getting 6 invites and the owner takes one so there are only 5 slots and she chose me for one. She mentioned that we get to meet the big guys, learn about new stuff coming up, tour some new sites and we are fed and given gifts. Sounds good to me. I told her to count me in. My brother mentioned tagging along with me but he will be on his own during the day. He was fine with that. We will do stuff at night. I get park passes for our unscheduled time so he and I will do stuff together or with some other agents. I was surprised he wanted to go but I think the trip last year made him feel good and he has a little extra money so he can afford to go too. He has to buy all his own food and park admission ect. We will also pay for our own room since agents room with each other and he wouldn't be able to share my room. I asked the boss and she said it was fine to bunk with him instead. I am so happy she asked me to go. We are just waiting for dates and the resort we will be staying in ect.

Other than that just waiting for spring. Keeping busy.

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Glad you are doing well Sam! That sounds like quite the snowstorm, I've never heard of a driving ban! We're supposed to get dumped on tomorrow but it's warm out so I"m afraid it will just turn to rain or sleet.
Woohoo for you for going on a Disney trip with your work! That is so awesome!!! Fun that your brother is going with you too Smile

Not much to report around here. We had a great weekend at the snowmobile races! The weather sucked so the racing part didn't go well but the kids had a blast playing with their friends (they only see them twice a year) and swimming in the pool!
Other than that just working my butt off trying to lose some weight! It's coming off slowly but surely.

Hope everyone else is doing well too!

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That sounds like a fantastic trip Sam!!!!!!
We are suppose to get that storm anytime now Sam - our temp dropped this afternoon so i'm thinking we are getting yet more snow! I'm sooooo hoping they don't cancel the buses tomorrow, dealing with Jacob and Emma all day today has taken a toll on me and i'm now craving chocolate and i'm totatlly blaming them Wink

Not much going on here at all. Big storm coming and thats about it! Pretty boring of me eh?