February 10th

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February 10th

Good morning all!

I have a busy day today. Have to run into town at sometime and return my rental truck and pick up my truck. It's getting all the dents taken out from the hail storm we had in July. Not sure when I'm going to go, they said it would be ready by noon but I need to be home to get the kids off the bus at 12:05 and where it is is 30 mins away! I'm going to see if they can have it ready earlier.
Going into the school at 2:15pm for our talk with the principal! I have a feeling I'm goign to lose it on her if she doesn't have some good answers to all of our questions.
Going out to dinner tonight with a friend and our kids! Then have a nice quiet weekend. DH is gone to another race this weekend and I'm going to try not to worry.

Have a good day!

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Good luck with your principal! I HATE ours...good thing I love the teachers at the school, otherwise I'd be taking them somewhere else!

Sinus. Headache. Allergies are already in full swing here! Stuff is opening up and growing! My neighbor's daffodils have bloomed already. Unfortunatly, they're going to die this weekend because we're getting a cold snap. I'm thinking Connor isn't going to have baseball tomorrow since it's going to be a high of 40 and dropping with a wind chill. Alyssa has dress rehersal tomorrow, so at least I'll be inside! Smile

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Samantha I hope you can get your car before the kids get home. Nothing like running yourself ragged to get home in time.
Brandi 40 isnt usually a cold temp for us during the winter but this winter it is! That's why I can't make fun of you peaches. Stay warm and feel better.

REFUND!!!! A bit better than last year too. Just a little but it's a relief. I also wanted to tell everyone. If you have Comcasst for your cable/phone/internet and arent under a promotional price call them. I just did. Told them the bill was too high. That's it. It's too high. Period. They "changed my bundle" which includes all the same channels and services BUT ADDS Starz for $26 less a month. What? Hmmm. Funny. Why wouldn't they do that automatically you ask? Because not many people want to go through 3 comcast reps to get the one who can lower your bill so they continue to charge till you call.

Now remember I have the SAME EVERYTHING PLUS I GAINED A MOVIE CHANNEL. AND I PAY $26 LESS ($300 a year). I just wanted my ladies to know this. Maybe someone else can save. I am huge into lowering our bill. Things are just costing too much. And it's not even fun stuff. I will pay premium price for fun stuff that's worth it. But phone service? No. Not fun.