Friday dec 16th

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Friday dec 16th

LOL Sam! I am so confused on what day it is now! I think its the 16th right? Whatever. Just someone say hi to me.

OK now its been forever since I started typing this so I bet someone else started a daily. I am so tired from no sleep last night and now I have 5 kids on the way in. 3 are here. I need to get to 9pm.

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Lol. Oops. Hi Sam! Hope the day goes by quickly!

Dylan is home from school today. He said he wasn't feeling well, and I believe him, BUT he can't sit still unless he is REALLY sick. So he's driving me nuts cause he wants to play with the kids. So I'm letting him put on a movie.

We're going to a Christmas Party tomorrow night! For my work that I do from home for my brother's company. It should be fun and I'm looking forward to a date night with hubby.

Now if only my throat would feel better. It hurts right at the top of where my chest bone is on my esophogus (I think that's what it's called). Doesn't hurt to swallow, just to touch or to put my head all the way back. It's a little swollen too. Anybody ever had that before?

I wish it would snow so it would feel like Christmas!

Edited to delete some of my rambling. lol.

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Today is the 16th. I was confused yesterday too Sam. December flies by too quickly! I hope your day isn't too busy.
Sorry you and Dylan both aren't feeling well Samantha. That's no fun.

TGIF! I really am looking forward to the weekend. Work has been crazy! I promised the girls I would take them out to do their Christmas shopping tomorrow morning. They have saved their money and made their lists. I'm sure the mall will be a madhouse but that is what I promised. Wish us luck! Biggrin Have a good weekend everyone!

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lol. Sorry Kelli. I didn't even notice until Sam posted today!

God luck shopping tomorrow! Can we see a bigger version of your avatar? Cause it looks like an awesome pic! Would love to see it up close. Love your siggy pic too....your kids are so grown up.