FRIDAY! October 12th
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Thread: FRIDAY! October 12th

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    Default FRIDAY! October 12th

    Yay it's Friday!!!

    ML, how did the appointment for Ava go????

    Can't wait for the weekend. I want to relax in my bed and then I'm going to get my hair highlighted and get rid of all my grey hair. It's making me feel old. I can't wait! Then on Sunday the girls are going to my niece's birthday for 4 hours, so it will just be DH, me and Dylan. He's excited for that.

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    Sam, sounds like a great weekend ahead! Enjoy.
    Ava was pleased with her psychologist appointment, I think. Dave and I like her. I'll take Ava back Monday morning. She cried again this morning about going to school and refused to eat breakfast. I doubt she'll eat lunch. She is afraid she will throw up, but underneath it all I think is an acute fear of death. It's always been working on the inside, but it kind of took off after Nicky and then Dave were sick over the last few weeks, and of course Waldo's death a few weeks ago. We'll get through it.

    All 4 of us are going to NYC for the day tomorrow, so getting away should be good for Ava.

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    Sounds like a great weekend Samantha!
    I hope the therapist can help poor Ava. . I hope she enjoys NYC!

    I'm downright miserable with allergies. . My poor nose is so sore I'm not sure if it will ever get rid of the red color! I've been on the run all week too and that hasn't helped. I may actually be able to get some things done around the house next week! It looks like a tornado ran through here and I haven't had time to clean! This weekend Alyssa has dance and tumble, Connor has baseball practice and we're taking the kids to see Hotel Transylvania. I swear I'm going To get a nap in too.
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    Enjoy your nice weekend Samantha!
    Have fun in NYC, ML! I hope this gets better and better for Ava.
    Sorry your allergies are making you miserable Brandi. Ick.

    Just working a full day today and then have a super busy weekend planned. On Monday morning, Morghan and I are headed to Disney World for her big 13th birthday celebration! Everyone have a great Friday!!!
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