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So what is everyone's kiddos dressing up as for Halloween? Ry is going to be Mario - he's so excited. Our neighbours 2 boys are being Luigi and Sonic so they have a bit of a theme going on LOL. Amber is being Pumpkin Spice - its a cute costume and Emma is going to be a pumpkin. Jakey is either going to be a cow or Buzz Lightyear. He doesn't like the cow costume too much so my friend is giving us a Buzz costume that I think he'll like better.

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Awww cute Melissa!

Sophia has outgrown Halloween.:( This is the first year she wont go out treating. Luke will be a ninja. Wow. A few more years and that's it I guess. I didnt realize it until Sophia looked at me like I had 3 heads when I asked what she wanted to be this year.

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Make sure you take a pic of your kiddos to show us Melissa!
Wow Sam, no Halloween for Sophia? I'm not sure how I'll handle that one...big sign that they are growing up. Kids grow up so fast!

Dylan is going to be a zombie. Dakota is Rapunzel, complete with a long blonde wig, and I promised her some make-up too! She's so girly. Savannah is going to be Jessie from Toy Story. My SIL is looking for a horse costume for her dog so he can be Savannah's Bullseye, lol.

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Awwww no going out for Sophia! When did she get that old?!? Ninja was high up on Ry's list of wanna be's too!
That would be super cute if your SIL found the costume for her dog LOL. I wanted to get Jesse for Emma and Woody for Jakey but I just coulnd't spend the money on the two little ones when I'm not even sure that they'll be in the mood to go out KWIM? I have a feeling Jakey isn't going to like halloween - Ry tried on his Mario costume and Jakey was less than impressed and he LOVES, LOVES, LOVES Mario.