Halloween costumes?

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Halloween costumes?

Hey all! Any discussion from your July '03 kiddo on a costume this year? Dimitri wants to be something from Minecraft, of course! Hopefully should be an easy costume because crafty, I am NOT! Wink

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Luke is Tom Brady of the New England Patriots. At least this is one costume he can wear as regular clothes after Halloween.

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N was a minecraft Creeper last year, Kelli. Camo long-sleeve shirt and pants, and he took a square box, and cut holes in it for eyes. He painted it green and blacked out the face the way it is on the game. We had everything but the camo pants, and he was able to wear those for street clothes the rest of the winter. Free! Smile

N is a Ninja this year, so all we need is a black ski mask. He's got black everything else already. Ava will be a zombie. We've got the makeup from years past, and she's going to rip up some old clothes of Nicky's. Free again!

Dodged the bullet this year. Wink

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I'm surprised that Ry didn't want to be something Minecraft! Those all sound like great costumes.

Ryan wanted to be something scary this year - he's going to be a howling horror I think its called :roll: Its hard getting him costumes cause all the kids ones are too small but i'm not willing to pay adult prices! This costume is a robe so its fine that its a bit short.
Amber is going as a Monster High character, Jacob is being the cutest policeman with built in muscles - sooooo cute and Emma is being a Snowflake Princess! Halloween costs a fortune here!